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Who Moves the Crypto Market?

Let cryptotrader tell you when the bank is buying, selling, or standing on the side lines.

The banks move the market, so when the banks trade, the market moves.

When the Spread Increases and the buying price increases, initiate a buy trade.

This means that there are less people trading and if there are less people trading, and the market is trending higher, it has to be institutional traders who are pushing the market higher.

Institutional players are smaller in numbers, but pack the biggest punch;

this is a classic example of the 80%-20% principle or the Pareto principle.

When the Spread increases and the buying price decreases, initiate a sell trade.

This means that banks are pushing the market down.

When the Spread stays the same for long periods, don't trade because banks are not doing anything, and we want to trade when banks are trading.

This is where money is made.

How do you explain a negative spread of -0.06?

when is the bank trading?

How do you know when the bank is buying, selling or standing on the side lines?

Give us a call and we will probably give you a hint.

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