Geolocation App

Want to Know All The Places Your Cell Phone have Been Recently?

If so, Follow the Steps Below to Find Out!

Click the Button Below to Get Your coordinates.

Allow Geolocation to Find Your Location. Disable Your Location Blocker if necessary;
this features is an icon in Google Chrome browsers on the top
and a little to the right of your page.
You will see two sets of numbers called, Latitude and Longitude.
Copy and paste the Latitude and Longitude with their corresponding coordinate numbers
and enter them into the Google search bar below, then click enter.
Click on the hyperlink that shows up; scroll down a little to see it if necessary.
After you get to the main Google search result page, scroll down to the extreme bottom of the page and click on your city - Location History.
Click on Places; this will show you the most recent places your phone has been in the past few years.

Copy and paste the Latitude and Longitude below in the Google search bar, then click enter

  • Click the blue hyperlink message (Search for Latitude: 30.8166537 Longitude: ... on Google) that appears above, which includes your Latitude and Longitude values.

  • After the Google search page appears, scroll down to the bottom of the Google search result page and click on your City - Location history.

  • You will now see a number with the word "Places" to the right of it.

  • On the same banner displaying the numbers of places you have been to, you will see the following message:

    "See your most visited places and all the places you've been, based on your Location History."

    If you do not wish to reveal your location or do not wish to authorize the app to know your location, you can find your location history by Clicking here

    Geolocation App

    Our Geolocation App is Going to Amaze You!

    Find your Lost Cell Phone

    Sometimes we just forget things like our cell phones.

    We may have visited a place and put our phones down on a counter and forget to pick it up.

    We may have taken a taxi and while sitting our phone falls out of our pockets on the car seet.

    We may have taken public transportation such as a bus or a train and forget our cell phone.

    Someone may have found our phone sitting somewhere and decided to save it for us until they can find us in order to return it.

    We may have just lost our phone without having any recollection of where it might be.

    Well, our Geolocator App will find our phone for you.

    The Geolocator App will tell you the last place you and your phone was last seen.

    See Places Visited

    Ever wanted to remember all the places you have been?

    Ever wanted to remember the dates and exact addresses of all the places you have been?

    Ever wanted to see all the places that you have been on a map?

    Well, our Geolocator App will tell you the exact addresses of all the places you have been with exact dates, displayed on a map.

    Manage Location History

    Want to delete your Location History?

    You may want to manage your Location History by removing certain information from it.

    You may want to remove certain saved locations from your location history.

    Well, you can accomplish all these things by using our Geolocator App.

    You are the only one who can manage your Location History.

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