Chem 13 Reminder Timer App Version Mo

Chem 13 Reminder Timer App Version Mo

Welcome to our Lab Test Reminder App!

The Current Time is Displayed Above. You can stop it and refresht the page to restart it if you wish
or Click on your desired Lab Test Reminder Timer Button Below to Start the Lab Test Reminder Timer Engine.

The Engine is warming up for you. Just strap on your seatbelt and start driving!!!

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One of a Kind

The Reminder Timer App is not your typical timer.

The App communicates with you by providing you with up-to-the-minute timed status information the moment you hit the start button.

Benefits of This App

Unlike the typical timer that only sounds an alarm when the time is up, our Reminder App continually reminds you about the test, or tests running on the analyzer even after the time is up.

Have you ever been so busy working in the lab that you totally forgets that the alarm had gone off? Well, this is where the Lab Test Reminder Timer App comes in handy
because it just doesn't go off and stop reminding you.
It continues to remind you about your test on the analyzer until you verify it.

Helps the Hearing Impaired

What purpose does a timer serves if a hearing impaired person can't hear it? Absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

This app was developed to solve one of the biggest problems that has plagued the Clinical Laboratory, and that is turnaround time. Many Clinical Laboratories struggle with maintaining consistent turnaround times. Therefore, an application such as the Reminder Timer will definely make a difference. I am glad to have it in my arsenal.

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